CHELSEA - collar & leash set

Free Shipping Worldwide!   We're really proud of this dog collar & leash collection!  It's intricate leather details and monochromatic design make it stunningly understated.   It has a triple layer construction so it's incredibly strong.   The edges are all meticulously edge-painted by hand which finish these off perfectly.    The dog leash measures 58" long.  All of our products start from a design perspective that minimal is better.   There's so many dog accessories currently on the market that have sparkly rhinestones and shiny pink leather and chrome plated hardware.   It's very flashy.   We don't want to compete with that.  Our design ethos strives to translate the cool easy southern California lifestyle that emphasizes minimalism and quality materials.  We describe it as "sophisticated bohemian!"  Often our products are monochromatic.   This is timeless design when done right. And we stick with playful bright colors that stay away from the main safe colors.

We apologize, but wearing this collection your dog may start demanding more champagne in the afternoon.   

100% Guarantee on all our product's materials & craftsmanship.  

Free shipping on all US orders.   Free international shipping for orders over $100

Dog Collar Size Chart:

S - 9.5” - 13”  

M- 13” - 17”  

L - 17” - 21” 

Dark Red
Midnight Blue


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