Designer Dog Accessories # 1

October 11, 2017

Designer Dog Accessories # 1

my first entry.    i'll guess i'll introduce myself before i tell how i got into the custom dog collar and dog accessories industry.        born in new york city in 1972.   always took to the edgier side of things.   bit of a wild child but always giving and compassionate.    for some damn reason i studied corporate finance in college and worked on Wall Street for a few years in the early 90's.   probably the wildest times of my life.   pulled the plug on that and worked for a technology company for a few years then discovered my latent passion for leather working.    immediately went into bespoke furniture design and fabrication.    Also did some bags and dog accessories.    Here's a few pictures of my creations over the years.

I fabricate custom leather furniture and dog collars and dog accessories!  

My new company fabricates beautiful custom leather dog collars and dog accessories.   I used to create leather bags for private clients.

Here's an example of some bespoke custom dog collars and dog accessories that I made.


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